Money transfer options in Patelco Online

Log in to Patelco Online™ and you'll discover many options for transferring money:

  • Between your Patelco accounts
  • From your account to another Patelco member
  • Between your account and another financial institution 
  • To friends and family with Zelle®

Send or receive money with Zelle

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send or receive money with family and friends. Log in to the Patelco Mobile App or Patelco Online™ to enroll or visit our Zelle page learn more.

Transfer money between your Patelco accounts and another bank

The TRANSFERS widget allows you to easily move money between your Patelco checking or savings account and your external bank accounts. Funds are sent within three business days and you can transfer up to $5,000 per day to an external account and receive up to $10,000 per day into your Patelco account – with no fees.

To get set up you’ll need to enter and verify your external account. This is a one-time process that takes about 2-3 business days to complete.


How to add an external bank account in Patelco Online™

  1. Sign in to Patelco Online™

  2. Select the TRANSFERS widget

  3. Select Add an external account and enter your external bank account details

  4. For your security, we’ll need to verify that the external account belongs to you. Within 2-3 business days, we’ll send two trial deposits to your external bank account.

  5. Once you receive the trial deposits, log back into Patelco Online™. You should see a pop up on the Accounts screen to confirm your external account. Select Confirm and enter in the trail deposit amounts to finish setting up your external account. You can also confirm the deposits by going to Settings then the Accounts tab.

  6. That’s it! You’re ready to start transferring money to and from your external account.

How to transfer money between your Patelco accounts and an external bank account

  1. Sign in to Patelco Online™

  2. Select the TRANSFERS widget

  3. Select the account you want to transfer money to and from. Then enter the amount and select the date you want the transfer to occur. You can also schedule a recurring transfer by selecting the Frequency drop down.

  4. Select Submit Transfer

Bank internationally

Send money quickly and securely to over 60 countries around the globe

We've partnered with Xoom™, so you can send money and pay bills around the world.

Xoom™ is currently available in over 60 countries. Money can be delivered by direct bank deposit, home delivery or cash pickup.

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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers help move money electronically from one account to another, and are commonly used to send funds to family or when making large purchases. Here are instructions for incoming wire transfers.

Domestic Incoming Wire Transfers

Domestic incoming wire transfers to Patelco accounts should be directed as follows:

Patelco Credit Union
3 Park Place
Dublin, CA 94568

ABA/Routing Number: 321076470
Member's full name (as it appears on Patelco statements)
Member's full account number

International Incoming Wire Transfers

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers

Please fill out the domestic outgoing wire transfer form and then fax it to 925.847.1977 along with a legible scan of your valid driver's license or other government-issued ID such as a passport.

Outgoing International Wire Transfers

Patelco does not offer international outgoing wire Transfers. As a safe and fast alternative, check out our partner Xoom™.

With Xoom™, you can send money to over 60 countries around the globe. Visit or call 877.815.1531 for more information.

Account number formats

When using wire transfer forms, remember to use the correct account number formats to ensure proper delivery.

For Checking accounts, Money Market accounts and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the proper account number format is 14 digits long, beginning with 746. Your account number can be found at the bottom of your check, or by clicking or tapping on your account in Patelco Online™ and then selecting the Account Details tab.

For example, checking account 12345-10 should be listed as 74600001234510 on any forms (because it’s 746 + 0000 + member number 12345 + suffix 10).

For all types of Savings accounts (except HSAs), the proper account number format includes only the account number and suffix, which must be separated by a dash.

For example, the correct format for savings account 12345-00 is 12345-00 for forms.

Common questions about transfers

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