Safely build your credit

This card is for you if you’re looking to establish or re-build your credit.

How it works

  • You provide a refundable security deposit when you apply.
  • Once you’re approved, your credit line will equal the amount you deposit.
  • Start using your card and paying it off responsibly and you’ll see a change on your credit report.

You’ll also benefit from no annual, balance transfer, over-the-limit, or returned payment fees. Get started today and apply now.

Guide to Benefits

Terms & Conditions


Competitive Low Rate

One low rate of 10.95% APR1

A hand collecting money.


Set up alerts, view your account activity, and even lock or unlock your card in Patelco Online™

A coin being deposited into a piggybank.

Mastercard® ID Theft Protection

No-cost personal information protection with your Mastercard debit or credit card — learn more here

Zero Liability Protection

Additional protection should someone make unauthorized purchases with your card — learn more here


Load it into your phone’s digital wallet, set it as your preferred online payment option or insert it when you’re out shopping – you have the flexibility to use your card the way you choose

Credit Card Rates

Rates Effective 5/26/2023
Card Type Amount APR Range1
Pure Secured Mastercard® $300 - $10,000 10.95%
Pure Mastercard® $300 - $50,000 11.25% to 18.45%
Points Rewards World Mastercard® $300 - $50,000 12.90% to 21.40%
Progress Student Rewards Mastercard® $300 - $5,000 12.90% to 21.40%

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Patelco Pure Secured Mastercard Credit Card gives you a convenient and secure way to pay.

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1 APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Variable APR as of 5/26/2023. Rate adjusts monthly and equals prime rate for previous month plus a margin range based on credit worthiness. Applies to Purchases and Balance Transfers.