Credit card and loan services

Get support managing your debit and credit cards and loans.

A couple manages their Patelco credit card on a tablet.
Debit and credit card support
We’re here to help you manage your Patelco credit and debit cards. Learn how to:
  • File a claim or dispute a transaction
  • Use your contactless card
  • Notify us when you’re traveling
  • Transfer balances
  • Access your Mastercard® benefits
Debit & Credit Card Services
Auto and personal loan support

We have answers to questions about your auto and personal loan.

A camper uses her phone to take a picture from the back of a pickup truck filled with camping gear.
A woman snaps a photo of a check with the Patelco mobile banking app.
Mortgage and home loan servicing support
For all assistance with mortgages, HELOCs, and home equity loans.
Home Loan Servicing

Loan Services

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Mortgage Support

Manage your mortgage online, make payments and update your policy. Get help managing your home loan.

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Loan Deferrals

Contact us to request a loan deferral.

A Patelco member works with a Banzai financial planning coach.

Hardship Assistance

Experiencing financial challenges? Explore our resources for hardship assistance.

Review Patelco's Site Terms and Conditions.


Get rewarded for making on-time payments with our LevelUp program.

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Switch to Save

Trying to pay off your debt sooner? Learn how Patelco can help you with Switch to Save™.

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Balance Transfers

Consolidate your debt with a no-fee balance transfer.

Manage your Patelco account on the go

With our top-rated Mobile App, you can check your balance, make payments, transfer money and more.


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