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Get out and go on your next adventure with an RV, Trailer or Motorhome. Purchase a new or used vehicle from a dealer or private party or refinance to save one you may already own.

Whether you’re setting up camp for the weekend or planning a cross-country trip, we make it easy for you to finance your new home away from home.

With low rates, simple terms and affordable payment options, you’ll be on your way and ready to hit the road in no time.

Key Features

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Competitive rates

With low, fixed payments 

Flexible terms

Up to 180 months

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No pre-payment penalties

Pay off your loan early if you need to

Purchase or refinance options

Buy from a licensed dealer, private party, or save on an existing loan

Budget-friendly payments

Fast and easy payment methods, plus rewards for on-time payments2

A shield of protection.

Insurance and payment protection

Cover your RV in the event of mechanical breakdowns, financial loss and more — get your quote today

New RV and Trailer Rates

Rates Effective 3/14/2023
Term Minimum Amount Range for APR1
up to 60 months $5,000 6.25% to 17.25%
61 to 72 months $15,000 6.75% to 17.25%
73 to 84 months $25,000 6.75% to 17.25%
85 to 120 months $25,000 7.25% to 17.25%
121 to 180 months $50,000 7.75% to 17.25%

Used RV and Trailer Rates

Rates Effective 3/14/2023
Term Minimum Amount Range for APR1
up to 60 months $5,000 6.75% to 18.25%
61 to 72 months $15,000 7.25% to 18.25%
73 to 84 months $25,000 7.25% to 18.25%
85 to 120 months $25,000 7.75% to 18.25%
121 to 180 months $50,000 8.25% to 18.25%

Frequently Asked Questions

Get rewarded for on-time payments

If you don't qualify for our best rates upfront, with LevelUp2 you can still save on your loan over time. Make 12 consecutive, on-time monthly payments on your loan and we’ll automatically reduce your rate, up to 0.50% APR per year with a maximum of 1.50% APR.

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1 APR (Annual Percentage Rate). RV and trailers as low as 6.25% APR effective 3/14/2023. Loan rates are subject to change without notice and subject to credit approval. Patelco offers a range of rates that depend on factors such as credit history, loan term, mileage, Patelco account and loan balances. Additional .50% added to rate for mileage over 100k (with a maximum mileage at 125k). Maximum of 20 years combined based on vehicle model year + loan term. Actual rates are disclosed to approved applicants in writing prior to loan consummation and may be as high as 18.25% APR. To learn more about rates, terms and available discounts, call 800.358.8228, visit patelco.org or visit any Patelco branch. Loan payment example: 60 months: $19.51 per month per $1000 borrowed at 6.25% APR; 72 months: $16.98 per month per $1000 borrowed at 6.75% APR; 84 months: $15.02 per month per $1000 borrowed at 6.75% APR; 120 months: $11.78 per month per $1000 borrowed at 7.25% APR;180 months: $9.45 per month per 1000 borrowed at 7.75% APR.

2 LevelUp is offered to members who are approved for the following loans at Patelco's credit tier 2 or higher: auto, motorcycle, RV, boat, and personal loans, excluding all lines of credit. Total discount of up to 1.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) applied in 0.50% APR increments for every 12 consecutive on-time monthly payments. Maximum discount will never cause the final APR to be lower than the LevelUp floor rate for the specific loan and term at time of funding. Monthly payment amount remains constant, with additional money going toward principal, which shortens the term of the loan and the total amount paid over the life of the loan.