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Keeping you aware of our financial health is a top priority for us. As a member owned financial cooperative, we hold ourselves accountable to you, our valued members. We encourage you to check out our latest financials below. Or for a deeper dive, have a look at our latest Annual Report. And if you have any questions, let us know.

Statement of Financial Condition

As of April 2023


  • Cash

    $ 1,157,505,126
  • Investments

    $ 1,668,782,731
  • Loans

    $ 6,473,045,866
  • Accruals & Accounts Receivable

    $ 79,421,209
  • Fixed Assets

    $ 97,740,103
  • Other Assets

    $ 187,194,632
  • Total Assets

    $ 9,663,689,667

Liabilities, Shares & Equity

  • Liabilities

    $ 569,491,655
  • Member Shares

    $ 8,312,885,377
  • Equity

    $ 781,312,635
  • Total Liabilities, Shares and Equity

    $ 9,663,689,667

Statement of Income and Expense

Year to Date April 2023

  • Interest Income

  • Interest Expense

  • Net Interest Income

  • Provision for Credit Losses (PCL)

  • Net Interest Income after PCL

  • Non-Interest Income

  • Non-Interest Expense

  • Net Income (Loss)


Past Annual Reports

Safety and security amidst uncertainty

Living in an uncertain world with economic instability, you might be wondering about the safest place to keep your money. As Patelco’s financial data demonstrates, we’re an extremely secure financial institution.