Share Certificates

Like a certificate of deposit (CD), a share certificate offers a higher rate with guaranteed return for the term of the deposit.

Enjoy an Insured, Guaranteed Return on Your Money

A certificate, like a CD or Certificate of Deposit, lets you earn a fixed, higher interest rate than a traditional savings account for not making any withdrawals during the term of the certificate. The money is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

Share Certificate Benefits

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Safety and Security

Certificates are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA (or $500,000 in a joint account for two people)

Debit mastercard

Variety of Share Certificate Terms

Choose from 3 to 60 months

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Top-rated Mobile App and Online Banking

Access your share certificates and accounts on the go

Set Up Alerts

Receive alerts for certificate renewal

Share Certificates Rates2

Rates Effective 10/6/2023


Min. Balance

Min Balance

APY1RateDividends Paid
1841713 - 5 Months$250.001.00%1.00%At Maturity06/10/20233 to 60 months0At Maturity
1842226 - 11 Months$250.002.00%1.98%At Maturity01/08/20230
18545412 - 17 Months$250.003.00%2.96%Monthly01/08/20230
18557518 - 23 Months$250.004.00%3.93%Monthly01/08/2023$500,000.0018-Month
18565724 - 35 Months $250.003.50%3.45%Monthly01/08/20230
18571836 - 47 Months$250.003.00%2.96%Monthly01/08/20230
18577948 - 59 Months$250.003.00%2.96%Monthly01/08/20230
185841060 Months$250.003.00%2.96%Monthly01/08/20233 to 60 Months0

IRA Certificates Rates2

Rates Effective 10/6/2023

TermMin. BalanceAPY1RateDividends Paid
186511060 Months$250.003.00%2.96% Monthly01/08/2023
18645948 - 59 Months$250.003.00%2.96% Monthly01/08/2023
18635836 - 47 Months$250.003.00% 2.96% Monthly01/08/2023
18627724 - 35 Months$250.003.50%3.45%Monthly01/08/2023
18517518 - 23 Months$250.004.00% 3.93% Monthly01/08/2023
18510412 - 17 Months$250.003.00%2.96% Monthly01/08/2023
1848626 - 11 Months$250.00 2.00% 1.98%At Maturity01/08/2023
1846213 - 5 Months$250.001.00% 1.00% At Maturity06/10/2023

Share Certificate FAQs

    Patelco is a member owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative. When you join Patelco, you become a member and a shareholder. That’s why we’ll deposit one share ($1) in your Share Savings account when you join.
    Our mission is to help members achieve lifelong financial well-being so you can live happier, fuller lives.
    Unlike the big banks or other for-profit financial institutions, we invest our profits back in our members with better rates and low- to no fees.
    We also offer free financial advice to anyone who wants to improve their financial situation. Members have told us that they feel seen, heard, informed, and supported to make more confident financial choices.
    Membership is free. You become a member when you open an account with us.

    A certificate offers a higher fixed rate with a guaranteed return if you don’t need to keep your money liquid. It is a safe investment because it’s insured by NCUA for $250,000 (or $500,000 in a joint account for two people). There is no risk of losing money on a certificate, except if you withdraw early.

    Certificate accounts give you a fixed dividend rate and APY over the specified term. On certificates with terms less than 12 months, dividends are compounded and credited at maturity. For certificates with terms longer than 12 months, dividends are compounded and credited monthly on the last of the month.

    Unless otherwise specified, all certificate accounts are subject to early withdrawal penalties, if funds are withdrawn within six calendar days of account opening or renewal, the penalty will be seven days’ dividends on the entire account balance.3

    Yes. All regular certificates can be opened as IRA certificates, unless otherwise noted. Minimum balance for all IRA certificates is $250.

Certificate Ladder Strategy

A common strategy for savers using share certificates or CDs is to divide the sum of money saved into equal amounts and open certificates with different maturing dates. This way you can take advantage of the higher rates on the longer terms while keeping some funds accessible for the near future.

  • Terms from 3 to 60 months
  • $250 minimum opening deposit and balance
  • Compounded dividends paid monthly
  • Guaranteed return on principal
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1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Terms and conditions may vary by account.

2 All regular certificates can be opened as IRA certificates, unless otherwise noted. Minimum balance for all IRA certificates is $250.

3 There is a penalty for early withdrawal for all Certificates. Please see the Certificate Accounts section in the Patelco Member Handbook.


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