Our Executive Team

Our accomplished internal leaders are dedicated to helping you build your financial health and well-being and live your best financial life.


Erin Mendez

President, Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Erin Mendez

Chris Allen

Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Photo of Chris Allen

Susan Gruber

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Susan Gruber

Kevin Landel

Senior Vice President, Innovation and Payment Strategy

Photo of Kevin Landel

Susan Makris

Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Photo of Susan Makris

Melissa Morgan

Senior Vice President, Chief Retail Officer

Photo of Melissa Morgan

Richard Wada

Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

Richard Wada photo

Kal Majmundar

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Kal Majmundar

Board of Directors

This is your board, a diverse group of financial, legal and business experts who share a common goal: always doing right by our members.

Peter Hanelt


Photo of Peter Hanelt

Business Consultant. In service since 1996.

Jesse Rivera

1st Vice Chair

Photo of Jesse Rivera

Segal Consulting. In service since 2005.

Debra Chaw

2nd Vice Chair

Photo of Debra Chaw

California State University East Bay. In service since 2004.

Race Chen


Photo of Race Chen

Consultant. In service since 1996.

Laura Chambers


Photo of Laura Chambers

Airbnb. In service since 2017.

Colleen Cabey


Photo of Colleen Cabey

Attorney at Law. In service since 1996.

Robert A. McCormish


Photo of Robert McCormish

TeamCo Advisors, LLC. In service since 2010.

Jeffrey Parks


Photo of Jeffrey Parks

RPM Mortgage. In service since 2006.

Vickie Rath


Photo of Vickie Rath

American Ratings Corporation. In service since 2008.

Emily Schubert


Photo of Emily Schubert

LinkedIn. In service since 2019.

Tracey Scott


Photo of Tracey Scott

Housing Executive. In service since 2001.

Garick Zillgitt


Photo of Garick Zillgitt

Insurance Executive. In service since 2006.

Audit & Risk Committee

A subset of our Board of Directors, this committee is responsible for overseeing Patelco's financial reporting, disclosures, and risk assessment.

Debra Chaw Chair; California State University East Bay

Colleen Cabey Attorney at Law

Race Chen Consultant

Emily Schubert LinkedIn

Tracey Scott Housing Executive