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How to Set Up Account Alerts

May 21, 2024 2 min

The more you monitor your money, the more money you’ll have to monitor. This is because monitoring your money helps you control your spending and boost your saving. Plus, setting up alerts also makes it easy to spot any unusual activity. Read on to learn how easy it is to set up mobile phone text or email alerts.

Alerts keep you informed

Alerts help keep you informed about how much money is in your account, whether a check was cashed, if the payment for a bill was deducted, and how you’re doing with your monthly budget.

There are so many different alerts you can customize, even including when you exceed a dollar amount in a particular category of spending.

Alerts protect you from fraud

If you have alerts set up, this can help protect you from fraud. For instance, in the unfortunate event that you unknowingly leave your debit card at a store, it could be taken and used by a thief. With an account alert set up to tell you whenever there’s a card transaction, you’d know much sooner – and could contact us for help (or shut off your card yourself using card controls).

See how to set them up

The easiest way to set up alerts is to use our Mobile App. We’ve created a great online demo that gives you the step-by-step instructions – check it out now.

If you need more help after viewing our demo, set up an appointment at our Virtual Branch™ – we’ll be happy to show you exactly what to do.


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