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Where to Report Fraud

If you're a fraud victim, we're here to help.

Reporting Fraud to Patelco

If you suspect your Patelco account has been compromised, it's important to contact us as soon as possible. We can help you review your accounts, place protection on them, and try to recover lost funds.

To dispute a debit or credit card transaction, please start here.

If you're ever unsure about something, call us immediately at 800.358.8228 or visit your local branch.

Trusted Resources

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

This division of the FBI collects reports of Internet crime from the public and analyzes emerging threats. To file a report, visit

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC offers an online portal to collect complaints about online scams and provides detailed instructions to help you recover from fraud. Visit

Local Law Enforcement

Contact your local police department to file a report and request copies for your records. Be sure to provide any documentation you may have.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

If you're the victim of vishing (phone phishing), smishing (text message phishing) or spoofing, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

Notify credit reporting agencies

If you've been affected by fraud, consider a free credit freeze or fraud alert with the top three major credit reporting agencies. A fraud alert will alert creditors that fraud may be occurring; a credit freeze will lock down your credit and prevents your credit report from being released.


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