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Business Savings

A convenient, secure account that helps your business grow — and gives you access to your money when you need it.

Reach your goals faster with a Business Savings account

If you’re a small business owner, you want a business savings account that goes farther for you. A Patelco Business Savings account makes it easy to start saving now — it’s a cost-effective tool for earning on your business income. Start saving with as little as a $1 deposit to open your account and watch your savings grow.
With no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirement and convenient access to your money when you need it, a Business Savings account can help put your company’s goals within reach.
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Business Savings Benefits

No Minimum Balance

Open your account with a $1 deposit

No Monthly Fee

No fees for your first 25 transactions each month2

Electronic Deposits

Set up direct deposit or automatic transfers to help your savings grow

Top-rated Mobile App and Online Banking3

Access your accounts anytime from anywhere to view account activity, set alerts, send or transfer money and deposit checks

Do more with Business Savings
In addition to no monthly fees or minimum balances, the Patelco Business Savings account also comes with these convenient features to streamline your finances.

  • Our top-rated Mobile App
  • Send money with ease with external bank transfer (ACH) and wire transfers
  • Access to 30,000+ Fee-Free ATMs
How to open your Business Savings account

Here’s what you need to get started.

  • Your business’s Employer Identification number (EIN) or Tax ID number (TIN), and a government-issued photo ID and SSN.
  • Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization or a charter or similar legal document.
  • Our Business Banking account checklist includes any additional documentation that you’ll need to establish a business membership with us.
Get Started Now How to open your Business Savings account

Business Savings Interest Rates

Rates Effective 12/05/2023

TermMin. BalanceAPYRateDividends Paid

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Savings

  • A Business Savings account is a great way for businesses to save money and earn interest on their balance. Any business based in an eligible location, regardless of size, can open an account.
    You’ll need to provide some documentation related to your small business and make a deposit of at least $1 to open your Business Savings account. Our Business Banking account checklist includes additional details.
    Please note we are unable to provide business banking services to certain types of business. The detailed list is included at the bottom of this page.

    There’s no monthly fee with a Patelco Business Savings account!
    If you exceed 25 transactions per month, your account will be charged $0.25 per additional transaction.
    There is a $0.50 excess cash fee per $100 deposited or purchased after $5,000 in cash.

    You’ll need to make an initial deposit of at least $1 to open an account. You’ll also need to provide government-issued documentation related to your business.

    Your Business Savings account works just like any other savings account. If you have a checking account, you can use your debit card to make payments and ATM withdrawals, or visit a branch to perform a transaction in person.
    To deposit money into your account, use our top-rated Mobile App to make mobile deposits, visit a Patelco branch, or use one of 30,000+ fee-free ATMs.

    Patelco Online™ and our Mobile App offer fast, easy ways to move money between your Patelco accounts or transfer funds between bank accounts.

    There are many benefits to opening a Business Savings account, including:

    • The ability to earn interest on your balance
    • Access to online and mobile banking
    • Free ATM withdrawals at over 30,000 ATMS nationwide
    • No monthly service fees
    • Dividends paid monthly
    • NCUA insurance up to $250,000
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Open your Business Savings account today

With no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirement and convenient access to your money, Patelco Business Savings is a great way to start earning interest on your extra cash. So whether you’re an established business or just getting started, start building your savings today.

1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield

2 Accounts are subject to a $0.25 transaction fee if account exceeds 25 transactions each month. Accounts are subject to an excess cash fee of $0.50 fee per $100 deposited or purchased after $5,000 in cash.

3 Source: over 22,000 five-star reviews on the App Store.

Patelco Credit Union does not offer business accounts to political parties, fundraising groups, campaign organizations, businesses engaged in any activity that violates state or federal law, businesses that present a degree of risk that we, in our reasonable discretion, determine that we do not have the capacity to manage, or businesses that we in our sole discretion believe could be detrimental to Patelco’s reputation in the communities we serve.

The following is a non-exclusive list of business types that Patelco does not serve: (1) any business subject to any sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control; (2) medical marijuana dispensaries or any other business involved in the marijuana industry; (3) money services businesses (MSBs); (4) gambling businesses; (5) digital currency businesses; (6) third-party payment processors; (7) prostitution businesses, whether legal or not; (8) embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions; (9) pawn shops or pawnbrokers; (10) anonymous ownership entities; and (11) adult entertainment businesses.


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