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We've Hit $10 Million in Savings!

Participants in Patelco Credit Union's Switch to Save program have already saved over $10 million by lowering their auto loan and credit card rates. We are sure we can lower your auto loan or credit card payments—or you'll walk away with $25.

“I was able to save $2,000 by getting a lower rate on my auto loan and credit card.” Read full review >
– Jason F. 5 Stars on Yelp

“We cut our interest down 6% and saved a total of $12,000 on both car loans!” Read full review >
– Bindar D. 5 Stars on Yelp

Here’s how Switch to Save works:

Visit a Patelco branch and we will review your credit card and auto loan rates to see if we can beat them. If you’re approved but we can’t lower at least one, you’ll walk away with $25. This includes credit cards from other financial institutions, department stores, and gas stations. And we don’t charge balance transfer fees, saving you even more money.

Can’t make it to a branch or live too far away? Print the Switch to Save Application and send it to us!

In 15 minutes or less, we’ll:

  1. Go over your credit card and auto loan statements to see if you have:
    • Any non-Patelco credit card with a current balance and rate higher than 8.15% APR1
    • An auto loan from another financial institution with a rate higher than 1.99% APR2
  2. Pull your credit report during the process to find ways to save you money
  3. Review your finances and see if you qualify to refinance your auto loan with us or transfer your high-rate credit card balance(s) to a Patelco card

What to bring:

Depending on what you have, bring your credit cards, and most recent credit card and/or auto loan statements to your appointment. And if you don’t have them all handy? We’ll work with you!

Call us at 800.358.8228 for a free Switch to Save appointment at one of our branches.

If you are approved for a loan or credit card:

We’ll beat at least one of your existing interest rates. If we can’t beat your rates, we’ll give you $25 to thank you for giving us the chance to make a difference in your financial life.

Now you can switch to save at 40 Patelco branches!** Call 800.358.8228 to make an appointment or go straight to your nearest branch.

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There is no cost to participate in the program and no obligation to open any loans or accounts.

Normal credit approval guidelines apply to all loan and credit products. Membership is required to open all accounts; membership fees will be waived for non-members who join. $25 is awarded only in cases where credit approval is granted but no auto loan or credit card balances carry a rate that is higher than the interviewee’s approved Patelco rate on a loan of the same type. Introductory 0% offers on non-Patelco credit cards do not qualify for $25 payout; only the APR that follows the introductory 0% period will be considered. Offer(s) associated with this program may end at any time without notice.

*  Your savings results may vary. Through November 11, 2014, 10,724 program participants have saved a total of approximately $10,005,094.22 for an average of $932.96.

** Switch to Save is not currently available at our Atwater Branch.

  1. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) represented is the lowest rate available on a Patelco credit card, the Patelco Visa Platinum, which comes with a variable rate. Click here for complete card and rate details.
  2. *APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Auto rates as low as 2.24% APR effective 7/1/2016 subject to change without notice. Patelco offers a range of base rates and discounts that depend on factors such as credit history, loan term, Patelco account and loan balances, program designation, and vehicle age. Actual rates are disclosed to approved applicants in writing prior to loan consummation and may be as high as 12.49% APR. Regardless of discount qualifications, no approved applicant’s rate will be lower than the then-current floor rate which is 1.99% as of 7/1/2016. To learn more about rates, terms and available discounts, call 800.358.8228, visit, or visit any Patelco branch. Loan payment example: $16.12 per month for each $1,000 borrowed at 2.24% APR for 66 months.