Child Tax Credit questions

The IRS started sending Child Tax Credits on July 15. If you're looking for your deposit or have questions about your eligibility, check out the information below.

Has Patelco received my Tax Credit?
Check your online banking account or Mobile App. If you're expecting your Child Tax Credit to be deposited directly by the IRS to your Patelco account, log in to the Mobile App or to Patelco Online™ and check out your account history to see if it's been deposited.  If you don't see your deposit listed there, our team can't see it either.

We will deposit your Tax Credit to your account once the IRS sends it to us. Neither our call center nor our branches is able to see the credit in advance; the most up-to-date information will always be your own online banking account.

Can I get my Child Tax Credit deposited to my Patelco account?
Yes. To request that your payment be credit to your Patelco account, use the IRS' Manage Payments portal to provide or update your account information for monthly payments starting with the August payment.

You'll need your Patelco account information to use that portal. Our routing number is 321076470, Find your full account (MICR) number by logging in to Patelco Online™clicking or tapping on your specific checking or savings account, and then selecting the Account Details tab.

Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit?
The IRS has set up a tool to help you determine your eligibility for the credit. Use the IRS Eligibility Assessment to find out online. (Patelco cannot provide information on your eligibility.) In addition to checking directly with the IRS using their assessment tool, our partner Banzai has also created a Child Tax Calculator to help you estimate how much your tax credit may be.

More questions?
Refer to the IRS' publication on Child Tax Credits.


Our San Ramon branch has moved to a new location

Our San Ramon Crow Canyon branch has closed and we are excited to announce that our San Ramon City Center branch is now open!

This new larger space located at 6000 Bollinger Canyon Rd offers parking available directly in front, private member service offices, and free and open community workspace including free wifi.

On behalf our San Ramon Valley team, we look forward to seeing you at our new location!


Annual Meeting notice

Our Annual Meeting notice is now posted online. Please read the notice for more information, as well as review our 2021 Meeting Agenda, the most recent Meeting Minutes, our 2020 State of the Credit Union report, and our 2020 Annual Report. Our Annual Meeting message from our CEO is also available to watch.

2020 tax information

It's tax time, and Patelco is here to help. We've made your tax documents available online, partnered with TurboTax to give you a discount and compiled answers to your most popular tax questions.

Find your tax documents in Patelco Online™
Log in to Patelco Online™ and select the ACCOUNTS widget. Select the Statements & Documents tab, and then look in the middle of the page for the Tax Reports tab.

Get your exclusive TurboTax discount
We're also offering our TurboTax discount, exclusively for Patelco members.

Watch our tax webinar
Our guest speaker Timothy Roscoe Carter, a Qualified Tax Expert, hosted our special tax webinar. In the recording, he talks about developments from 2020, including relief programs, unemployment and more. View the recording now on our webinars page.

More questions?
Refer to our updated 2021 tax article and our Tax Time FAQs for details.


Beware of calls and texts asking for your Patelco information

Members have recently reported receiving calls and texts, many appearing to come from Patelco’s 800 number. The fraudsters are asking members for personal information such as online banking User IDs and passwords, then stealing money from their accounts. Some of the texts and calls refer to confirming Zelle transactions, which you may or may not have made.

As a reminder, Patelco will never call or text and ask for:

• your online banking User ID

• your online banking password 

• your Member Number

• your full card number

• your card PIN, CVV or expiration date

If you receive a call or text asking for any of these, it is a scam. We may call or text to ask you if you have performed a transaction, but we will never ask you to confirm a transaction you didn't make, and we will never ask for any of the information listed above.

If you ever feel uneasy about a call you receive, hang up and call us at 800.358.8228.