Scam alert: Spoofed 800 calls

Several members have reported receiving spoofed calls that appear to come from Patelco’s 800 number. Spoofing is when a fraudster deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID. The fraudsters are asking members for personal information such as online banking User IDs and passwords, then stealing money from their accounts.


Please remember Patelco will never call and ask for the following:

  • your member number
  • your full card number
  • your card PIN, CVV or expiration date
  • your online banking User ID
  • your online banking password


If you get a call asking for any of these, it is most likely a scam. If you ever feel uneasy about a call you receive, hang up and call us at 800.358.8228.

We've eliminated 9 fees

Starting December 1, 2019 we’re completely eliminating 9 fees. These fees have cost members over $370,000 a year, and we didn’t think they were good for our membership or your financial wellness. Here's the fees we're completely eliminating:

 Fee Amount 
 Membership closure (if closed within 6 months of opening) $20
Doing business as (DBA) $5/month
Stop payment cancellation $15
Dormant membership (after no activity for 24 months) $5/month
Immigration / naturalization services letter $20
Minimum savings balance fee $5/month
Medallion signature guarantee fee $5/signature
Request for verification of deposit (VOD) $10
Verification / account rating $10


Temporary checks, card replacements, withdrawals at Patelco ATMs, and even credit card balance transfers are always fee-free. Check out our fee schedule online anytime.

Our hours January 20

Patelco branches and our call center will be closed for the holiday on Monday, January 20. As always, Patelco Online™, our Mobile App and automated telephone banking are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you need assistance with a card (including a lost or stolen credit or debit card) please call 800.358.8228 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To hear your balance, recent transactions, and more, call  888.766.2424 for automated telephone banking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our privacy policy updates as of January 1, 2020

Our privacy policy has been updated as of January 1, 2020 with new information required by a new privacy law for California residents.

Read more about the new law and our privacy practices on our privacy policy page.

Patelco moves headquarters to Dublin

Patelco recently moved its headquarters to Dublin, located at 3 Park Place, which the credit union purchased last year to accommodate its rapidly growing workforce while furthering its mission to improve the financial health and well-being of its members throughout northern California. Team members moved into the building in early December, after an extensive remodel.

“Our laser focus on our mission and commitment to improving our members’ financial health and well-being has resulted in us outgrowing our current facility,” said Erin Mendez, president and CEO of Patelco Credit Union.

“The larger office space is a proud reflection of not only our team’s efforts in serving our members, but the larger space will also help our team members lead balanced lives, thanks to its more convenient access to public transportation, shops, restaurants and additional outdoor space.”   

Patelco purchased the building in June 2018, which features a number of attractive benefits. It is located within 1.5 miles of its previous headquarters but with closer access to public transportation, including BART, along with a greater variety of restaurants and community shopping options. 3 Park Place also features workout space, outdoor facilities and sufficient room for Patelco to continue growing.

“Patelco has proudly spent many successful years in Pleasanton, so we are pleased to stay within the heart of the Tri-Valley area,” said Mendez.

Read more about the headquarters move in this press release.

Patelco opens new branch in Sunnyvale

Patelco recently opened the doors to its newest branch in Sunnyvale, located in the Cherry Orchard Shopping Center at 332 W El Camino Real. The full-service branch is one of Patelco’s 38 locations across Northern California. Offering a state-of-the-art membership experience, the Sunnyvale branch will enable the credit union to better serve its members in Silicon Valley with more personalized service and interactive, high-tech elements.

“We are proud to expand to Sunnyvale to better serve the communities of Silicon Valley and beyond,” said Erin Mendez, Patelco President and CEO. “At Patelco, we’re committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions that will allow us to aid our members as they build financial strength in a more tailored, personal way. We’re especially excited to foster these experiences with our technology-focused communities of the Silicon Valley in mind.”

Read more about the Sunnyvale branch in this press release.

Notice of Vacancies

Our annual Notice of Vacancies is now available. Please view it here.

Patelco announces 2019-2020 volunteer board

Patelco recently held its Annual Meeting and announced the volunteers who will serve on the Board of Directors for 2019-2020. The full list can be found here.