Here’s how we’ve helped members with financial relief

Payment Deferral

Over 14,000 loan payments deferred to free up cash

Over 14,000 loan payments deferred to free up cash


$5 million in emergency relief loans to cover expenses due to loss of income

$5 million in emergency relief loans to cover expenses due to loss of income

Fee Waiver

Over $1.4 million back to members with 56,000 fees waived

Over $1.4 million back to members with 56,000 fees waived

We’re inspired by the courage, compassion, and resilience that we’ve been seeing during these uncertain times and want to shine a light on how our members, team members, and the community are helping each other during the pandemic.

We encourage you to join us by submitting your story. Remember, you are not alone. Today, tomorrow, and always – we’re here for you.

Now more than ever, we’re about people helping people

man looking out window

Patelco has lifted the cloud of uncertainty and created a sense of calmness in my house. It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone advocate for you.

- C. C., member since 2018

couple outside walking

I joined Patelco because it has proven to me to be all about the community and ensuring their members are financially prepared. Patelco is more than just about making money, it’s about keeping members for life.

- M. G., member since 2018

happy member smiling

I am a proud Patelco member. The branch makes me feel good knowing they are watching out for me and my money. BTW thanks for your service during this pandemic - you front line workers rock!

- K. K., member since 2016

self employed man

When I have issues, I feel very comfortable asking Patelco for help. They hear me. It’s a partnership for me. They even reached out to me to let me know that PPP is now available and did all the paperwork for me.

- M. G., member since 1999

Man looking at his phone

I joined Patelco back in 2008 just before the recession. Patelco did what they could to help me and I never forgot that, so I was ecstatic to open an account when I did. Today I was approved for a loan that has kept me in my apartment. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

- E. H., member since 2008

woman looking out the window

Today, I face great income instability like most Americans. And again, as Patelco always has, they assured me that I am still valued as a long time member and that my account is protected.

- S.M., member since 2014

woman looking out the window

Hello, I’m writing you to tell you about our wonderful experience with Linsley. We just joined Patelco and I called to make a payment on our car loan. I typically like to do things online because it’s so much simpler. But I was not able to complete the online banking registration so I called and had the pleasure of meeting Linsley. She helped me process the payment over the phone and set up online banking successfully.

My husband had recently lost his job so I asked if there’s any program available to help those in our situation. Not only was she well informed of the programs and how they worked but...she was SINCERELY SYMPATHIC! She repeatedly said “We’re here to help. And I understand, I have a family too.” It warmed our hearts to hear those words from her. In the end, we cancelled the payment and applied for 3-month payment extension. Everything was explained to us in terms easy to understand. She waited online while I registered the account, helped me navigate through the site and how to use it. All the while she was patient and caring. Thank you Patelco and Linsley for your excellent service and we look forward to doing further business with you!!!

- V.M., member since 2020

Family at home

A member lost his job after just moving into a new apartment. He used up his savings for security deposit. His wife is not working either and they’re expecting their first baby soon. I helped him skip payments on his car and personal loans to free up $700 in monthly payment. I also found out he had a Wells Fargo credit card with 20% interest rate and helped him do a balance transfer to his Patelco credit card with 7.7% APR with no transfer fee. Lastly, I told him about the emergency relief loan and helped him apply. He was really surprised that we could do that and at the same time help him save money.

The next morning, I called him to let him know his loan was approved. He was so relieved and told me: “you have made my day!” I was so touched by his reaction and feel proud that I made a difference for someone who was so much in need during this unpredictable time.

- Ashika, San Bruno branch team member

Family at home

A regular at our branch came in to do his banking and I noticed he had a concerned look on his face. I asked him how work is going and learned that he’s out of work due to the pandemic. We delayed his loan payments for 90 days through July. He also got approved for the $5,000 emergency relief loan. He was so happy and offered to make ceviche for the branch!

I’m proud to be part of an organization that is here to help members achieve financial well-being, and to be able to provide hope, comfort and reassurance for them in this crisis.

- Malia, San Leandro branch team member

woman with credit card

I was helping a member who works in real estate and learned that three of her escrows got cancelled or pushed out due to the crisis. She was concerned that her income dropped from $6,000 down to $1,000 a month. We immediately approved her with a $5,000 emergency relief loan, along with a $10,000 credit card to help with expenses.

She was relieved and thankful for Patelco’s compassion for its members and I was glad that I was able to provide her with some peace of mind.

- Danielle, Folsom branch team member

mom and baby

Member is a single mom with two kids. Before the pandemic she rented out rooms in her home to travelers for income, but that has now stopped.

I helped her apply for Patelco’s emergency relief loan and in the process, I learned that she owns a car free and clear. We decided to use her car as collateral to borrow over $38,000 at a better interest rate. This has allowed her to pay off $10,000 in higher interest credit cards, with extra cash to carry her family through this crisis.

- Rosario, San Francisco Sunset branch team member

Family at home

A young lady come into the branch to apply for a car loan. She works at the grocery store and is afraid of taking the bus to get to work. She had some credit issues and was not able to get the loan by herself. I looked at options to help her improve her financial situation and worked with her to bring on her dad to co-sign for the loan. This way she could get to work safely and start rebuilding her credit. She was so happy she cried.

- Anna-Marie, Redwood City branch team member

man talking on headset

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a new emergency relief loan at 0% APR along with a customized online application so our members can apply and sign paperwork from the safety of their home.

Our teams worked day and night to launch it in two weeks, and to-date, we’ve processed over 2,000 applications and approved over $5M to help members in this time of need, often with same day turnaround time. I’m so proud of how our team members have stepped up to help our members.

- Josh, Patelco Consumer Lending Director

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