Our promise to you

Pay your bills online securely, easily and with complete confidence.

We guarantee your payments will be sent on time, and we’ll cover you if they’re not. Just follow these simple guidelines.

  • Make sure your account has sufficient funds.
  • Schedule your payment to be made at least 5-9 business days before the due date (5 days for electronic payments and 9 days for paper checks). This timeframe factors in a couple of days for your account to be credited.
  • Make sure the payee information is correct and complete.

Late payments

If we fail to pay a properly scheduled bill on time, we'll pay the related late fees and finance charges. Send us a secure message in Patelco Online™ or call us at 800.358.8228.

Register for Bill Pay

Control when and how your bills are paid with Patelco Online™'s convenient and secure Bill Pay. All it takes is a few simple steps.

  1. Log in to Patelco Online™.

    Don't have a Patelco Online™ account? Get started now.

  2. Select the BILL PAY widget.


  3. Bill Pay Agreement

    Read the Bill Pay agreement. If you agree, check the I Agree box. Then select Continue.

  4. You’re done registering.

    Since this is your first time accessing Bill Pay, the Add a New Payee page will appear, and you can continue setting things up.

Common questions about Bill Pay