Protecting your cards is an important part of keeping your finances safe. The same practices keep all three of your cards safe – ATM, credit, and debit – so remember TRIPLE, which stands for Treat, Report, Inform, Protect, Look, and Enter.


Treat your cards like cash.


Report loss or theft of your card immediately, and also report any fraudulent charges. (To submit a fraud claim, log in Patelco Online™ (desktop only for now). After you log in, select the ACCOUNTS widget, select the account with the fraudulent transaction, and then select the dispute option next to the relevant transaction.)


Inform us if your contact information changes so we can contact you in case of a suspicious transaction. You can quickly update your information in Patelco Online™.


Protect your PIN – never carry it with you or tell it to anyone else.


Review your statements regularly and look for any unknown card transactions. Let us know if you see any unexpected charges.


Enter your credit card information for each purchase — don't allow websites to save your credit card information. This may take a bit longer, but it will protect you from being part of a data breach. Another alternative is using a payment system like Apple Pay or Google Pay, which protect you because your card number isn’t given to the merchant.