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ATM Safety

October 27, 2021 7 min

Thieves are increasingly targeting ATMs to steal your card information and money. To keep yourself safe, be SMART at the ATM, which stands for Surroundings, Mask, Away, Review, and Tamper.


Be aware of your surroundings. Check that the ATM has a surveillance camera and is well lit. If there’s a door, close it behind you and don’t allow anyone else in.


Your PIN should stay secret, so mask the keypad with your other hand while typing in your PIN. Thieves have been known to use secret cameras to watch you enter your PIN.


Put your cash away immediately after its dispensed, and put your card away as soon as you get it back. Make sure everything is secure before leaving the ATM.


Regularly review your transactions to make sure there’s nothing unexpected. With Patelco Online™ and our Mobile App, it’s easy. An unknown withdrawal or other transactions could signal that your card has been compromised at an ATM – let us know immediately if you see anything concerning.


Don’t use the ATM if there’s any evidence someone has tried to tamper with or alter it, especially the keypad or card reader. Examples include anything placed over the card reader, or a keypad that appears extra thick. Report anything unusual to the retail location where the ATM is located.


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