Understanding Social Security

Social Security is an important part of your overall retirement income. Learn the basics to better understand how it can fit into your retirement plan.

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Register to watch our webinar on demand. Our Human Resources team has hosted an online event to provide tips and recommendations to help you navigate in the current economic environment.

January 12 & 21 – Credit Card Makeover: Getting Out of Debt

Credit cards can be a great financial tool, but for some, can lead to debt and financial trouble. This session provides an overview of credit card usage, warning signs of credit issues, and options for debt management and reconstructing existing credit.

January 13 – Budgeting for Success

Join us for this important step to financial well-being as we offer a Budgeting for Success workshop. We will start by analyzing your past spending then move to creating a spending plan with purpose. Being thoughtful and intentional about how you spend your money can give you freedom and help you achieve your financial goals. Don’t feel limited by your finances; make a plan that will open the possibilities for your future. 

January 27 – Understanding Credit

We’ve heard from so many members dealing with financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many members are worried about how financial decisions they make today may impact their credit in the future. That’s why we’re offering an interactive workshop where we will discuss how to use credit wisely and why it’s more important than ever to monitor your credit report.


February 9 & 18 – Solving the Mystery of Credit Reports

Credit reports and credit scores hold a lot of power—they can help when purchasing a new car or giving you access to credit but can also take away financial opportunities. This webinar provides an overview of credit bureaus and credit scoring, plus guidance about disputing inaccuracies, improving credit scores, and dealing with identity theft and fraud.


February 10 – Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt is a steppingstone to maintaining and achieving financial wellness. This webinar will provide practical and useful tactics you can start using right away. Whether you’re working hard to make ends meet or looking to take advantage of low interest rates to refinance a car or a house, please join us at this informative webinar.

February 20 – Understanding Credit

Are you thinking about how financial decisions you make today may impact your credit in the future? Join us for an interactive workshop where we will discuss how to use credit wisely and why it’s more important than ever to monitor your credit report. 


February 24 – Investing for the Future

When it feels like we are facing new challenges daily in the world, we know it can be difficult to focus on your future. Please join us at this interactive workshop on Investing for the Future. We’ll cover the importance of investing, the effects of inflation and compound interest, and how to explore your risk tolerance. These foundational basics will help inform your next steps. We want to work with you on planning for your future!


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