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How to Make Money from Home Online

May 21, 2020 3 mins

Figuring out a new or additional source of income in a tough economy can be challenging. If you’re unemployed or looking to add to your income with an online side hustle, here are some ideas to get you started.

Use your skills to help businesses


Small and large businesses always need help with managing their finances. Thanks to cloud bookkeeping tools such as Gusto, Xero, and others, you can provide a full bookkeeping service remotely.

Remote work consulting

Many companies are adjusting their work environments to be more accommodating of remote workers. As they do this, they will need guidance on how to create a cohesive work environment. If you have a knack for organizational leadership and community building, you can offer to consult with management teams.

Business coaching

As the economy continues to change, more and more people will be looking for advice on how to become a freelancer and grow their small business. If you have skills in business development, you can coach small business owners. Social media is a great place to promote this type of work.

Video editing and graphic design

Videos and images are powerful mediums for marketing a business. If you have video or graphic design skills, you can help business owners do the marketing they need. Reach out to your local business community or use sites like Fiverr to find design opportunities.


Companies hire transcribers who work from home transcribing audio or video files. Classifieds like Craigslist may also have work-from-home transcription jobs. Whenever you’re dealing with job postings, remember that legitimate employers will never ask you to pay money or fees to apply or start working.

Customer interviews

A lot of companies use customer interviews to get feedback on new products. Ping Pong and other companies facilitate those interviews remotely.

Earn cash while helping others

Online tutoring

Parents all over the world are looking for ways to teach their children new skills — and keep them occupied. Platforms like OutSchool  are used by thousands of students use each day. You can sign up as a teacher and get paid to lead sessions from the comfort of your home.

Health and fitness coaching

If you have a background in medicine, fitness or nutrition, you can offer virtual sessions to people who need guidance or want help reaching their goals. Social media is great place to promote this.

Virtual assisting

Check out freelancing sites such as Upwork or scour ads on Craigslist to see who needs virtual help. With more work going remote, more businesses are employing remote assistants, too.

Reading to children

With kids stuck at home, parents are looking for new ways to entertain their young children. Talk to your friends with kids, or put up a listing on NextDoor to let parents in your neighborhood know that you are available to read stories to their kids via conference call or Zoom.

More creative ways to earn at home

Gift cards for your services

If you have a service-based business such as house cleaning, esthetician services, or hairstyling, offer digital gift cards on your website that buyers can redeem in the future once social distancing guidelines are relaxed. Many people are willing to buy gift cards now to support freelancers and small businesses.

Secondhand selling

Companies like Poshmark have created digital platforms where you can sell your gently used clothes — with the ease of an app. eBay is a great platform for selling all kinds of second-hand items. And for larger items that are difficult to ship, you can use classified ads. Just remember to always deal locally when listing on classifieds — anyone who contacts you and asks you to accept a check or ship an item is probably a fraudster.


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