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Patelco Prizeout

Stretch your dollars further and earn up to 20% more on your purchases. Learn more below.

Your Patelco checking account connects you to more with Patelco Prizeout

Imagine shopping for groceries and getting a 20% bonus to put toward the total amount at checkout. With Patelco Prizeout in the Mobile App, you get more value on everything from online shopping, to clothing, travel, entertainment and so much more.

Choose from over 50 different brands and offers and redeem gift cards typically within minutes. It’s easy, convenient, and a smart way to make your dollars go further.

How to get more for your money with Patelco Prizeout


Browse places you frequently shop

Find top brands and offers for groceries, gas, entertainment, travel and more!


Purchase a gift card and earn more

Choose your amount and get 2 – 20% bonus value added to your digital gift card.


Use your gift card and repeat

Gift cards are delivered typically within minutes, with new offers added daily.

Shop smarter with Patelco Prizeout

Easy and convenient

Purchase gift cards right in Patelco Online or the Mobile App

Perfect for everyday needs

Use for groceries, gas, online shopping and more

Multiple brands to choose from

Safeway, Chevron, Starbucks, Amazon, plus many more!

More value

Earn 2 – 20% bonus value (or more!) on gift cards you buy

Digital gift cards

Pay within the app and redeem in-store or online

No fees or expirations

Gift cards that don’t expire with no service fees

Frequently Asked Questions about Patelco Prizeout

  • Patelco Prizeout is available in Patelco Online™ or the Mobile App. Select More or the three dots (on the Mobile App), then Tools & Settings and Patelco Prizeout. From there you will see a selection of gift cards from various brands personalized for you.

    Learn how to access Patelco Prizeout and search for gift cards on our Mobile App in this quick interactive demo.

    Once you’ve found a gift card you like, you can tap on it and select your desired dollar amount and you’ll see the bonus value you will receive. Tap on Select Gift Card and then select Confirm. You may be required to verify your identity via text or email. After your purchase will process and funds will be debited from your Patelco checking account. You will then receive an email confirmation ( to the email address associated with your online banking profile) and can also view your gift card in the Patelco Prizeout wallet

    Bonus offers are an added value on top of the amount you spend on your gift card. They are set by the brand and can range from 2-20% (or sometimes even more). As an example, if a brand is offering a 20% bonus, and you purchase a gift card for $100, you will receive a gift card valued at $120.
    Bonuses may have increased promotions during certain times of the year. Additionally, if you purchase from a brand for the first time, or if you are a repeat buyer from a specific brand, the bonus offers may be different. Offers can change frequently and sometimes daily, so if you see a good deal – snag it!

    To access Patelco Prizeout, you must be 18 years or older and have a Patelco checking account and online banking. Please note, if you have more than one checking account, you can choose which account you’d like to use. On the main Patelco Prizeout page the dropdown will default to use your checking account with the highest balance.
    Currently, you may purchase a total of 5 gift cards within a 24-hour period, for a total amount of up to $1,500 combined. The minimum gift card amount is typically between $5 with a maximum to $500. There may be instances where a specific brand may restrict their denominations to fewer options. Gift card minimum and maximum amounts available will be displayed when you tap on a gift card offer from and individual brand.

    Gift cards are available typically within minutes in the Patelco Prizeout wallet and delivered to the email address associated with your online banking profile.
    Occasionally, the email may get caught in a spam filter. If you do not receive an email in your inbox (it will come from please contact for assistance.

    After you purchase a gift card, you can access it in the Patelco prizeout wallet by tapping on the gift card you purchased, then selecting Claim my gift card. You can also redeem through your email confirmation by selecting View my gift card.
    Your gift card will contain the gift card number, pin and barcode. Each merchant will provide instructions on how to redeem the gift card either in-store, online or through their app if applicable.
    You can also print out your gift card confirmation page (with the barcode or full gift card number) to redeem in-store or share with a family member.

    For the most up-to-date balance, please check with the merchant. The balance will not change directly within the Patelco Prizeout wallet and will always show the original gift card value.
    If you add your gift card to a 3rd-party app (such as Starbucks, Uber, etc.) the latest balance will update within the merchant’s app. We recommend archiving gift cards in the Patelco Prizeout wallet after you use them. To archive your gift card, tap on the Wallet, then select the gift card you used, and tap on the arrow, then select Archive.

    Typically gift cards cannot be canceled or exchanged. However, if you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Prizeout support at

Check out Patelco Prizeout today

Get up to 20% bonus value on your everyday spend for groceries, gas and more. It all starts with a Patelco checking account and online banking.


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