Keep your money and account safe with a Trusted Contact

A Trusted Contact is someone you designate that Patelco can communicate with when you go offline and can’t be reached — whether it’s due to a health matter, natural disaster or traveling with limited cell reception. A Trusted Contact is also someone Patelco can reach out to if we suspect you might have fallen victim to a scam — or if we suspect financial exploitation or have other concerns about your welfare. Think of a Trusted Contact as an account enhancement that helps Patelco keep your account safe.

What is a Trusted Contact?

A Trusted Contact is a trusted friend or family member who can:

  • Confirm your current contact information
  • Confirm your health status
  • Confirm the contact information for other authorized parties
  • Discuss urgent, unusual account activity or other possible red flags

While you are not required to have a Trusted Contact, establishing one may help us move decisively if we ever need to address suspected fraudulent activity. You may already have a power of attorney1 or spouse listed on your account, but a Trusted Contact provides an additional resource to reach out to if an issue arises.

It’s important to note that Trusted Contacts are unable to act on your behalf, conduct transactions, or engage in account activity (unless they’re already an authorized party on your account such as a joint owner or Trustee).

A Trusted Contact can help protect your account by

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Knowing you

Likely to be in the best position to know your current personal and family situation

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Helping you avoid scams

Help protect assets, and respond to suspected financial exploitation

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Confirming your support system

Identify your legal guardian, trustee or power of attorney

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Knowing your health status

If concerns arise, they can confirm your health status

A Patelco member works with a Banzai financial planning coach.

Helping us reach you

Help Patelco connect with you if we are unable to reach you

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Advocating for you

Providing you with support and resources when you need it the most

How do I add a Trusted Contact to my account?

Adding a Trusted Contact to your Patelco account is quick and easy.
Choose from any of these three steps to designate a Trusted Contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designate a Trusted Contact for your account

Things often happen when we least expect them. Don’t wait, establish a Trusted Contact for your Patelco account today.

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Protect you and your loved ones from fraud

Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to try and trick you into giving up personal information. Learn how to protect yourself from scams, identify red flags, and what to do if you or your loved ones are victims of fraud.

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1 If you wish, you may designate the same person to be a Trusted Contact and to have power of attorney – but you must complete separate processes and forms for each


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