Credit Cards

Credit Cards the way they were meant to be.

Want a credit card that makes your life easier? You’ve found it. Patelco credit cards come with low interest rates that stay low – even if you’re late with a payment or two. Your balance won’t become a burden and you’ll have the power to spend as you please with the following features:

  • Apple PayTM
  • Low variable rates
  • No annual fees
  • No penalty rate hikes
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • No over-limit fees
  • Same rate for purchases and balance transfers

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Apple PayTM is Here

Apple Pay has come to Patelco. Now you have the power to make purchases at retailers around the world with a simple touch. It’s an easy, convenient, secure way to pay for everything without the hassle of carrying around a wallet full of cards.

With your compatible Apple iOS device (including iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad), you can use Apple Pay with your Patelco debit and credit cards.

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Visa Platinum Visa Gold Visa Classic/
Student Visa
Secured Visa Classic

Patelco’s most premium card with a bank-beating rate. No surprise penalty rates, confusing terms, or hidden fees. Carry the card that shines.

  • Variable rates as low as 8.40% APR1
  • 1% cash back on all qualifying purchases2
  • No annual fee
  • Limits up to $25,000
  • Price Protection, roadside assistance, and rental car protection

With each purchase you make, you can earn gift cards, travel, merchandise, and more. Plus enjoy a great rate, and buying power by being able to use your card at millions of places worldwide.

If you are looking for a Visa credit card with rate options that meet your lifestyle needs, go with the Visa Classic/Student Visa.4 This card offers a convenient, flexible, secure way to build solid credit.

  • Variable rates as low as 13.40% APR1
  • Limits up to $5,000 ($1,000 for students)
  • Roadside assistance and rental car collision protection

The Patelco secured Visa Classic card can help you obtain and improve your credit, even if you're not able to qualify for other credit cards.

  • Variable rates as low as 6.45% APR1
  • Competitive credit limit between $300 - $3,000
  • Earn interest on funds deposited in a savings account to secure your card
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  1. Variable APR as of 2/26/2016. Rate adjusts monthly and equals prime rate for previous month plus a margin range based on credit worthiness. Applies to Purchases and Balance Transfers.
  2. Rebate to be paid is calculated each year on November 15 and paid shortly thereafter in the form of a deposit to the cardholder's Tiered Savings account.
  3. $25 annual fee to opt-in. Subsequent annual fees will be charged on your opt-in anniversary date.
  4. Subject to credit approval. In some cases a co–applicant may be required.