Loans and Credit

Patelco is here to help you meet your financial goals.

When you need extra cash, isn’t it nice knowing you could get approved instantly and receive your funds at a great rate, and with terms built to fit your budget? Whether you're looking for a loan, credit card, or line of credit, we are on stand-by to help you pick out the option that is right for you.

Loans Credit

Need money for a home? A new or pre-owned vehicle? A computer? Patelco’s loans and lines of credit come with low, competitive rates and plenty of extras to help you through the process. Explore our loan options and services:

  • Vehicle Loans – Loan options that come with the same low rates whether you’re buying new or used or refinancing.
  • Home Loans – Whether purchasing, refinancing, or tapping into your equity, these loan options were built with you in mind.
  • Personal Loans and Lines – Urgent or unexpected expenses? Need to consolidate your debt? Our Personal Loans and Lines of Credit are ideal for keeping you covered, whatever the circumstances.
  • Debt and Loan Protection – No one expects a major disruption in their financial status. Options like Patelco’s Debt Protection and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can come to the rescue when times get tough.
  • Account Management – Services like Online Banking and Mobile Banking make it easy for you to pay your bills, transfer funds, and more – from anywhere.

At Patelco, we think your credit card should make your life easier, not more complicated. With variable rates as low as 8.15% APR, and no annual fees, penalty hikes, or over-limit charges, your balance won't become a burden, giving you all the benefits of being a cardholder without the hassle. Explore our credit card options:

  • VISA Platinum – A true VIP card, Patelco’s VISA Platinum option comes with all the perks – Cash back, price protection, roadside assistance, and more – all at our lowest available rate.
  • VISA Gold – This premium option comes with chances to earn gift cards, trips, and more. Check out Patelco’s UChoose Rewards® Points program, available only for VISA Gold cardholders.
  • VISA Classic/Student VISA – The best option for establishing or rebuilding your credit from the ground up. It even comes with roadside assistance and rental car collision protection.
  • Secured VISA Classic – The Patelco secured Visa Classic card can help you obtain and improve your credit, even if you're not able to qualify for other credit cards.
  • UChoose Rewards® Points – This points program makes your purchases pay off big. Redeem your points for cash, travel rewards, or gift cards. You choose how many points you want to save and what to do with them.