Phishing Email Scam

Phishing Scam

Patelco would like to alert you about a current phishing scam directed at both members and non-members regarding their Online Banking profile. The scam targets users by sending emails that appear to be from an official source, and are designed to trick the recipient into clicking a link, and when re–directed, ask the recipient for sensitive data — such as passwords, personal data, or fiancial information.

The phishing email (a sample is below) claims to be from Patelco Credit Union and advises recipients to update account information by clicking a link that goes to a fraudulent website.

Patelco did not send this email and we do not use emails to request personal information or update security tools.

Security note: Patelco will never send you emails requesting that you divulge or update your personal information or Online Banking login. If you ever encounter such an email, please notify us immediately at or at 800.358.8228.

Additional email safety tips:

  • Do not reply to any email that requests your personal or financial information. NEVER click links or install programs suggested in emails, even if the email appears to be from an official or familiar source.
  • Be highly suspicious of any email from a business or person that asks for your password, social security number, or other sensitive information.
  • Do business only with companies you know and trust.

For more tips, visit our Fraud Prevention section.

Phishing email:

Phishing Email Sample