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Savers, things are looking up with 3.00% APY on a 3-Year Certificate or IRA. That’s 3 times better than the national average. Guaranteed growth and safety – it’s the perfect way to build your financial base. Lock in higher returns today and push your savings in the right direction. This limited time offer ends soon.

Earn a top-notch rate with our 3.00% APY Money Market Select Account, and you can start making your money work harder for you. No matter what stage of your financial journey you are in, a healthier financial future is waiting for you. And it starts here.

  • Limited time offer
  • 3 times better than the national average rate††
  • Guaranteed return on principal¹
  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit for share certificate
  • $500 minimum opening deposit for IRA certificate
  • Compounded growth
  • Balances insured up to $250,000 through NCUA
  • Check today's certificate rates

Money Market Select Account

  • One of the best money market rates in the nation
  • Guaranteed growth, safety, and security
  • No fees, no minimum deposit
  • Federally-insured, liquid savings
  • Up to six withdrawals or transfers per month
You earn: On your balance of: It adds up to:
(blended APY)
3.00% APY $1-$2,000
2.00% APY $2000.01 - $5,000 2.40% on $5,000
1.00% APY $5,000.01 – $10,000 1.70% on $10,000
0.50% APY $10,000.01 – $50,000
0.98% on $25,000
Calculate your blended APY on any deposit at

Money Market Earnings Calculator

Enter your deposit amount to see how much your savings can earn each year.

($0 - $99,999,999)
Deposit Distribution APY
$0.00 3.00%
$0.00 2.00%
$0.00 1.00%
$0.00 0.50%
$0.00 0.25%
$0.00 0.20%

Simply plug in your deposit amount, and see how much you could be earning when you move your money to Patelco's Money Market Select Account3.

Disclaimer: *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are valid as of 9/1/2018 for balances up to $2,000 and are subject to change after account opening without notice. Interest is paid at tier rates on balances within each tier. Total interest paid is the sum from each tier. “Blended APY” shown assumes the amount deposited is held in the account for one year. Withdrawing funds before one year will result in a different realized rate. Blended APY for higher tiers: $50,000.01 - $100,000 is 0.74% - 0.50% APY; $100,000.01 - $9,999,999 is 0.50% - 0.20% APY. No minimum deposit required to open an account. Limit one Money Market Select Account and one Money Market Select IRA Account per account number.

¹ 9/1/18