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So you’re ready for a new vehicle – But you don’t want just any vehicle. You want the best car for your money, right? You want your loan payments and terms to fit within your budget, and the best financing options for you and your lifestyle. These fun and insightful tools and calculators will help guide you in the right direction and give you a "jumping off" point to begin exploring your options.

Mortgage Calculators

Our mortgage calculators can assist you in making the right buying or refinancing decision. You can get an estimate of what your monthly payments will be, based on price, down payment, and more.

Mortgage Calculators

Home Equity Line of Credit

One of the biggest benefits to owning your own home is the ability to use your equity to buy the things you need (or want). A new room for the house, new pool, and so on. A fixed-rate Home Equity Loan or adjustable rate Home Equity Line of Credit from Patelco means the money is there – all you have to decide is how much you want, and whether you want it up front or as needed. Either way, Patelco can get you the money right away with no introductory teaser rate and in many cases, the interest may be tax deductible!1

  1. Consult your tax advisor.


The great advantage of saving more is earning more. So it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the options open to you depending on your savings goals. Looking to buy a car? Save for retirement? Want to become a millionaire? Use these fun and insightful tools and calculators to evaluate your current savings strategy, and how it measures up against your lifestyle and changing economic conditions.


Retirement is a "hot button" issue these days, and you simply can't afford put off planning for later. These fun and insightful tools and calculators will help you evaluate your current savings strategy and identify areas that you need to improve to reach your retirement goals.

Budget Planning

The cornerstone of any personal or family financial plan is proper budget tracking. Use these calculators to help understand your cash flow, debt, and even how to balance your checkbook.

Debt Management

Carrying a certain amount of debt is nearly unavoidable; it’s how you manage that debt that can make all the difference to your financial health. Use these calculators to learn more about debt consolidation and different options to pay down (and eventually pay off) your debt.