Branch, ATM, and Shared Branch Locator

Free Nationwide Branches & ATMs

Need to find a location for banking or to withdraw cash? Patelco membership means free access to 36 full–service branches, 6,000+ shared-service branches, and over 30,000+ surcharge–free CO-OP Network ATMs including at 7- Eleven and Costco.

Conduct a search by entering a location (Address, City, or Zip Code) then click “Go” and we’ll show you where to go. Just looking for Patelco Branches? Click on the "Patelco Branches" link. Or, you can find over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs by entering a location (Address, City or Zip Code) and clicking the "ATMs" radio button option.

For a listing of Patelco Branch locations only, please click here.