Important Online Security Reminders

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Important Patelco Online Security Reminders

With the advent of recent data breaches at merchants and the rise in online fraud, Patelco is focused on maintaining the security of your account(s) and Online Banking sessions.

Keeping your contact and personal information up to date with Patelco is one way to ensure that you are alerted before a potential situation arises. In an effort to ensure your information is up to date you will be notified within your secure Online Banking session to update your personal information. If your information is correct, simply click the "My information is correct." link.

Here are some additional tips to help you protect yourself online:

  • Keep your contact and personal information up to date. This will help us to easily reach you should the need arise.
  • Monitor your account. Check your account often to catch fraud early. Notify us if you are a victim of fraud or identity theft.
  • Set up Account Alerts. This service will immediately alert you to any transactions that post to your account. You can set up alerts within Online Banking. Once there, go to the All Services menu, then Account Information. Learn more >
  • Create good passwords. Use capital letters, numbers, and special characters. You should regularly change your password and not use the same password for every account.
  • Don't respond to a suspicious text or email. Requests for personal information and immediate responses are almost always a scam. Although Patelco may contact you for a specific reason, we will never ask you to update your personal or account information via text, or links in emails.

Update Your Personal Information Safely and Securely

You can keep your personal information current with Patelco in three ways:

  • Call us at 800.358.8228 – We will ask you a series of questions to identify you prior to making any changes. For certain changes, we may require you to fax us a form along with a copy of your identification.
  • Visit a branch – Our branch team can assist you in making sure your contact information is up to date.
  • Through a secure Online Banking session – When you log in to Online Banking, rest assured that you are logging in to a secure session with your User ID and Password and that your session is protected by SSL encryption. You can update your information via the notice in Online Banking now, or in the My Profile tab by selecting either Change Address/Phone or Change Email from the sub-menu.

Stay Aware

Although Patelco may contact you for a specific reason, we will never attempt to contact you to update your personal or account information over the phone, via a link from an email, through text messaging or a link from a social media post. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your contact information (phone, address, and email) current so that we may reach you in the event of a data breach or fraud situation.

Should you receive a request from someone claiming to represent Patelco and they are asking you to update your personal information via a link in an email, through an unsecured website that is not the Patelco Online Banking site, during a phone call, or a link from a social media site it's fraudulent, and you should notify us immediately.

You can report fraud by calling us at 800.358.8228 or by sending us an email at

See an example of a fraudulent email >

The security of your account information is our highest priority. Should you have questions or need help with any of the suggestions in this email, please contact us at 800.358.8228. For more information on our security practices and to see more tips, visit the Security Center.