Spoof Website Detected

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Website Detected

Patelco would like to alert you about a website that is imitating our public site. The link to this fake website (also known as spoof site) was posted via Twitter. The website claims to be Patelco's site and is designed to trick users to entering an email address to be used for their own marketing purposes.

We are working with our anti-fraud service provider to shut down the offending website. For your safety, always type in our web address (URL): "www.patelco.org" into your address bar to log in to Online Banking.

Security note: Although Patelco may send you emails and post links on Twitter (or other social media sites) about special offers, we will never request that you verify your personal or account information through such means. If you ever encounter such an incident, please notify us immediately at abuse@patelco.org or at 800.358.8228.

Phishing emails/links and spoof websites.

Phishing emails/links will direct you to a website that resembles Patelco’s website where you will be asked to provide your account information or some other type of personal information. You may even be asked to call a phone number to provide account information.

How to identify phishing emails and spoof websites

  • Personal information requests. Emails/links from Patelco will never ask you to reply with account or personal information of any kind, nor will we ask for this information via social media sites.
  • Bogus popups or messages. You may encounter a pop up that request personal information from you, in return for a prize or offer.
  • Urgent requests. We will never threaten that your account will be closed if you fail to comply with any request for information
  • System and security updates. We will never ask you to confirm important information due to system upgrades or maintenance.
  • Offers with a catch. We will never ask for your feedback and then ask for your account number to receive a reward for your feedback.
  • Poor grammar, spelling, and design. Lack of professional presentation is often a big hint of fraudulent emails and websites.

If you receive a suspicious email or are directed to a link from an email or social media site claiming to be from Patelco, and it looks suspicious forward it to us immediately at abuse@patelco.org.

How to protect yourself against phishing emails/links and spoof websites

  • Make sure it is Patelco’s website when you log in to Online Banking. When you enter the URL www.patelco.org in your browser, the address bar should turn green if the browser is secure.
  • Immediately delete any suspicious email that asks you for personal information. Do not reply, click any links, or open any attachments.
  • Always remember that Patelco will never request that you confirm or update any personal or account information via email or over social media.