OpenSSL “Heartbleed Bug” In The Media

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Information Update: OpenSSL "Heartbleed Bug" In The Media.

Patelco Systems are not vulnerable
A security vulnerability referred to as the “Heartbleed Bug” by the media affects websites that use a specific version of OpenSSL encryption. Patelco systems do not use OpenSSL.

At this time we have determined that the following services are NOT affected by this vulnerability:

  • Main website:
  • Online Banking website:
  • Mobile Web Banking:

Our Information Security team has reviewed all Patelco services and determined that they are not vulnerable.

NOTE: While Patelco's sites are secure, members who have Android devices running version 4.1.1 should upgrade to the latest version immediately to protect themselves from the bug. For more information on how this bug affects this particular version of the Android software and for instructions on how to update your device, contact your wireless carrier directly.