Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Guaranteed Auto Protection

Vehicles have been known to break down once in a while. Worse yet, they have a bad habit of breaking down just after your factory warranty expires. That’s why Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)1 from Patelco is such a smart move.

If you have MBI, most out-of-pocket expenses for major repairs (like your transmission) are covered. You can get your vehicle repaired anywhere in the US and Canada, and you’ll receive 24/7 roadside benefits such as towing, emergency services, rental car, and more.

The MBI service includes:

  • No deductible
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Roadside Service that includes: towing, flat tire assistance, battery jump starting, lock out service, and fuel delivery
  • A 60-day money back guarantee
  • Battery coverage
  • Competitive rates
  • Transferable coverage

All in all, MBI is a great way to ensure you don’t get hit with a high repair bill. It’s like being under a warranty that won’t end. Can you afford NOT to have it?

Consult with a Loan Representative to discuss Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in more detail by calling 800.358.8228.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)2 from Patelco is designed to relieve you of the responsibility for the remainder of the loan balance that your primary insurance carrier does not cover. It covers that "gap" between the amount your primary insurance settlement pays and the amount you still owe on your loan in the event that your car is totaled or stolen and unrecovered. It’s a great way to be sure you won't be stuck paying for a vehicle you no longer have and it's a lot of protection for a small cost!

Consult with a Loan Representative to discuss GAP Protection in more detail by calling 800.358.8228.

Enhance GAP with a Loan or Insurance

If you are looking for a new or used car, don’t forget that Patelco offers Auto Loans and Auto Insurance too!

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For your auto, protect against losses from:

  • Necessary repairs following an accident
  • Physical injuries suffered by yourself or others
  • Benefits paid to survivors of an accident when it results in death or permanent disability
  • Personal lawsuits brought against you by another party
  • Lost wages or salary due to personal injury

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  1. Route 66 Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. Coverage can be purchased any time. Some conditions may apply. Contact Patelco for details.
  2. GAP Protection is underwritten by Securian Casualty Company and can only be purchased any time during the loan term. Some conditions may apply. To sign up for GAP Protection after loan closing, contact Patelco. GAP Protection is not insurance.

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