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Date of birth
Social Security Number
Valid e-mail address & contact phone number
Current home address (plus previous address if you have lived at your current residence for less than two years)
Estimated market value of the subject property
Name and address of current employer (plus name and address of previous employer if you have been at your current job for less than two years)
All credit obligations and expenses, including housing, child support, credit card payments, loan payments, etc.
All asset information, including the value of all of your accounts: checking, savings, investments, retirement, etc.
Gross income amount, which can include secondary income sources. If applicable – you do not need to list alimony, child support, or separate maintenance agreements if you do not want to have that income taken into consideration
Address of your prospective home  
Estimated purchase price of your prospective home and closing date  
Estimated down payment amount  
Estimated annual property tax, insurance, or any homeowner’s association dues  
The year your home was purchased  
Original purchase price  
Original loan amount and the total outstanding balance on that loan and any other loans secured by your property  
Current estimated property value  
The total amount you wish to borrow

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