Online and mobile services to
simplify your banking experience

Bank how and where you want with secure online and mobile access to your Patelco accounts.

With services like online and mobile banking, Bill Pay, mobile apps, alerts, Anywhere Deposit and more – you can bank at your convenience with your enabled mobile device, safely and securely.

Patelco Mobile app for iPhone and Android

With our mobile banking apps for iPhone® and Android™ – and even iPod and iPad* – you can access your Patelco account anytime, anywhere. Download the app from your device’s app store. Be sure to sign up for Online Banking as you’ll need the same User ID and Password to login to the app.

With Patelco’s new mobile app, you will have easy access to your accounts so you can:

  • Keep track of your money by checking your balances right from your phone
  • Transfer funds between accounts to cover expenses or pay a Patelco credit card bill
  • View images of your cleared checks
  • Make payments using Bill Pay and Popmoney, eliminating the need for checks
  • Find a nearby branch or free ATM using your current location
  • Make deposits anytime, anywhere with our Anywhere Deposit feature


Using Patelco Mobile App:

*All iPhone App features and benefits are available for the iPad. Not fully optimized for the iPad experience.
iPhone®,iPod®, and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
GOOGLE and Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

Pay other people with a text or email right from your account.

Popmoney™ makes it possible for you to “Pay Other People” just by sending the payee’s email, mobile number, or bank account information with a text or an email. If you haven’t already, sign into Online Banking to get registered, then give it a try directly from Online Banking or your mobile phone! Don’t have Online Banking? Sign up >

How Popmoney works:

Money you send and receive using Popmoney ultimately transfers from bank account to bank account.

  • Now you only need to know someone’s email address or mobile phone number to send money.
  • The recipient will be notified via the method you choose, and can decide where they want the money deposited.
  • You can direct money straight into a recipients bank account (if you have the recipients account number).

Ways to use Popmoney:

Popmoney offers a great alternative to cash and checks, and can be managed within Online Banking. Use Popmoney to make personal payments easier, such as:

  • Paying rent & other household expenses
  • Sending money as a gift
  • Making charitable donations
  • Sending money to students
  • Contributing money to a group gift or dinner

To try Popmoney in Online Banking:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking or log in to get started
  2. Click the “Transfers” tab at the top of your screen
  3. Click the “Popmoney (Pay Other People)” link on the left side of your screen and then the same link in the center of the next page
  4. A new Popmoney window or tab will open up with an introduction to the service and easy-to-follow instructions on how to sign up and get started

To try Popmoney in Mobile Banking:

  1. Login to Online Banking – access through the Patelco Mobile App or through your mobile browser at
  2. click the “Transfers”.
  3. Click “Pay Other People (Popmoney)”.
  4. Follow the on–screen instructions.

Learn more and read the Popmoney FAQs >

Manage your accounts, transfer funds, and more…

Don’t have an iPhone or an Android? You can still get that anytime-access to account information and services wherever you can get an internet connection by visiting

Mobile banking on the go without the app lets you:

  • Check balances.
  • Transfer funds between accounts to cover expenses or pay a Patelco credit card bill
  • Make payments using Popmoney.
  • Find a nearby branch or free ATM

To use mobile banking:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking.
  2. Point your mobile browser to
  3. Enter your Online banking User ID and Password to login.

Text Message Banking: Up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips.

Want to quickly check your balance or find out when your next credit card payment is due? Sign up for Text Message Banking, and send a text to “24341” with one of these commands (PDF).

After you activate Text Message Banking within Online Banking, you just send a text message to “24341” with one of the commands below in the message field and we’ll text you back with the information you requested.

Here are all of the available commands and what you can expect to receive in return:

Text Message Banking Commands >

Your text message to “24341”: What we’ll text message back to you:


balances for all your Checking, Savings, and Credit Card Account

bal all

balances for all your accounts including Certificates

bal + suffix (ex: bal 10)

balances for the account of that suffix (view your statement for suffixes)

hist + suffix (ex: hist 35)

4 days of transaction history for the account of that suffix

due + suffix (ex: due 30)

the payment due date of the credit card account of that suffix


a list of your account suffixes


this command will lock your Online Banking Account


this command will unlock your Online Banking Account


additional service information


a list of all the available text message commands


this command will unsubscribe you from Patelco Text Message Banking

Print (PDF) the Patelco Text Message Banking Commands

To activate Text Message Banking, sign in to Online Banking then click on the “Services” tab, then under the “Account Options” header click on “Activate Text Message Banking”. Don’t have Online Banking? Sign up >

Please note: Text Message banking is free, but you may be charged per text message by your wireless provider. Please check your wireless plan before you begin using the service.

Bill Pay: Free. Safe. On-time.

Use Bill Pay to safely send one-time or recurring payments to anyone with an address. Pay your rent, mortgage, utilities, credit card, car payments and more without checks, envelopes and stamps. Make payments directly from Online banking or with your mobile phone either through the Patelco Mobile App or through your mobile browser at

Bill Pay is a free service for members and comes with a reimbursement guarantee.

How to Enroll for Bill Pay

  1. Open a Patelco Checking Account. We offer three accounts to choose from depending on your needs.
  2. Sign up for Online Banking.
  3. Instantly enroll in Bill Pay by simply logging in to Online Banking and clicking on the Bill Pay tab to accept the terms and conditions.

Know where you stand (no matter where you are) with Account Alerts.

If your Patelco accounts could talk, what would you want them to say? Would you want your checking account to tell you when you’re using Overdraft Protection? We have an alert for that.

Or how about having your accounts let you know whenever a withdrawal has been made? We have an alert for that too.

Account Alerts can be sent to you by email or by text message to your mobile phone. You decide what works best for you so you can better manage your accounts and keep watch on your finances.

We have alerts that tell you:

  • your balance has fallen below a level of your choosing
  • a deposit has been made to any of your accounts
  • a loan payment is coming up due
  • someone (including you) has logged into your Online Banking account
  • you have insufficient funds to cover a transaction
  • Overdraft Protection has been used to cover a charge or payment
  • all of the account history that has occurred each day or each week
  • any time your credit or card is used and every time your Visa Check Card is used for a signature-based transaction

To manage, view, or sign up for Account Alerts, sign up for Online Banking or log in.

Anywhere Deposit for your smartphone.

With Anywhere Deposit, qualified members can securely make deposits right from their iPhone® or Android® phone.

Follow these steps to deposit your checks with the Patelco Mobile App:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking.
  2. Download the Patelco Mobile App.
  3. Launch the app and login. Note that you’ll be asked to establish security questions the first time you login.
  4. Once you’re logged in, use the “hamburger” icon (three stacked lines in upper–left of your screen) to reveal the main menu and select “Deposit Check”.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions.

Tip: Place the check on a dark, flat surface free of other paper, and be sure the check is completely inside the box on your phone's screen. Keep the original check for 90 days as proof of your transaction.

Learn more!
Anywhere Deposit FAQs

Anywhere Deposit from your desktop.

Qualified members can deposit checks into their accounts by scanning and submitting checks from their computers. Using your Internet connected computer and almost any scanner, you can deposit both business and personal checks – All from the comfort of your home or office!

Follow these steps to use Anywhere Deposit from your desktop:

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Select whether to use the built-in scanner software or your own scanner software.
  3. Select the Account to make the deposit to.
  4. Enter the dollar amount of the check.
  5. Scan the front of the check and validate items.
  6. Scan the back of the check and validate items.
  7. Confirm the deposit.
  8. Print the deposit receipt.
  9. Attach a note to your check and keep both for 90 days.
  10. Repeat this process for additional deposit items

To get started with Anywhere Deposit from your desktop send us a secure email or please call us at 800.358.8228.

Learn more by reading the Anywhere Deposit from your desktop FAQs.

Please note: All deposits are subject to Patelco’s Funds Availability Policy. Refer to the Member Handbook (PDF) for more information. Members must be eligible for Anywhere Deposit. Keep Anywhere Deposit check items for 90-days before destroying the item.

iPhone®,iPod®, and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Google and Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Android® is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

  • Please note: Mobile Banking from Patelco is free, but you may incur mobile internet/data charges from your carrier/service plan. Please check with your carrier and service plan on specific charges.